• What kind of seeds do you send? – All of our seed is organic, heirloom, and non-GMO verified. It is selected for our climate and growing conditions here in Florida. Being selective with our seed quality and the varieties means you will have easy to care for, unique, and flavorful plants to enjoy each month.
  • How much space does it fill? – The large garden package will fill approximately 72 sq ft of growing space (4 – 3×6 beds). The small garden package will fill approximately 12 sq ft (4 – EarthBox originals). These are not exact dimensions, you may have more or less room depending on plant spacing and how many plants you germinate/plant.
  • Will I have a consistent harvest? – Once your beds are filled with our seed and you utilize practices like succession planting and pest management you should have a continual harvest year round from your garden.
  • I have too much seed, what do I do? – You can save your excess seed to succession plant throughout the season, save it for the next year, or share it with friends/family/garden clubs/schools/nursing homes/etc
  • How are the packages mailed? – Our envelopes are made of 100% recycled content, printed with algae ink, and made in the USA. After receiving your package you can either recycle it or safely compost it as it is naturally biodegradable.
  • How do I join the Facebook community? – Request access to our private group on facebook once you have completed your subscription form and we will grant you access based on the email you used to sign up. 
  • When will I receive my first package? – You will receive your package by the 15th of each month. Note that if you signed up after the 1st of the month you will not receive your first package until the following month. Ex) If you sign up between September 1-30, you will receive your first package October 15th.
  • When will I be charged? – You will be billed for your monthly subscription on the 1st of the month. You will not be charged until the month of your first shipment.”
  • What do you base the number of seeds sent on? Large plants, ones that last the entire season, or have high germination rates will have less seed shipped. Small plants, ones that need to be succession sown, or have lower germination rates will have more seed sent. For example you might receive 7 tomato plants and 100 lettuce seeds.