Our mission is to help people learn the basics of sustainable vegetable gardening so that they can lead healthier, happier lives and have a positive impact on our planet that leaves a legacy for our children to be proud of. We firmly believe that “living green” can be more than just an idea – it is not a fad but a reality! As people become aware of the implications of our current industrial food system, most realize that making changes are necessary and inevitable. By voting with our personal choices and our dollars we can start to shift the unsustainable food system that is currently in place to one that will support a viable future for our growing world. It all starts from the ground up and we are here to help by providing the educational resources necessary to empower people to start making these changes.

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Education and visibility is our passion. We believe that knowledge is power and we are here to support our community and teach them how to become more food independent & connected to the Earth.

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Seed Club

A bountiful garden starts with the right plant in the right place. The most important factor when growing in Florida is planting with the seasons. The second most important factor is choosing varieties that thrive in our climate.

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” Growing your own food means superior flavor, more diversity, increased food safety, better nutrition, less food waste, improved physical fitness, and a positive impact on the environment “

Why Wholesome

  • The current industrial food system takes a toll on health, the environment, and communities

  • Organic farming standards are better for the environment but often falls short when looking at food miles and community support

  • On average “fresh” vegetables lose 45% of their nutritional value between being picked and landing on a grocery store shelf

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