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Tomato Blooms But No Fruit | Gardening 101

Are your tomato plants exploding with growth & blooms but not setting fruit? Its a simple problem with a simple solution. 

When to Harvest Sweet Potatoes | Bonus How To

Not sure when to start harvesting your sweet potatoes? Find out when to start looking and what your actually looking for.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden | Florida Gardening 101

This is a recording of a webinar covering the 4 S’s: Sun, Soil, Seed & Seasons to get you started growing a vegetable garden quickly.

Hot Compost for Soil Fertility

We all know soil fertility is important & there are several way to achieve it. Ever heard of hot composting? 

How Much Sun Do I Need to Grow Vegetables in Florida?

Want to grow a vegetable garden in Florida? Sunlight is an important factor when vegetable gardening.

Top 10 Favorite Leafy Greens

Winter is the prime growing season for leafy greens in Florida vegetable gardens. You can grow a lot in a small space or with minimal light.

Summer Vegetables to Grow in your Florida Vegetable Garden

Summer heat in your Florida vegetable garden can be intense. Elise Pickett with The Urban Harvest will share 4 tips for helping your summer vegetable garden beat the heat.

Beneficial Insects for Sustainable Agriculture | Integrated Pest Management

(IPM) is a sustainable agriculture approach that utilizes beneficial insects as natural pest management as the first line of defense.

Growing Tomatoes From Seed | Florida Gardening 101

Using organic gardening and budget-friendly techniques you will learn the simple process of starting your seeds so you can grow your own Florida backyard vegetable garden.

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