Our Vegetables

We sell only the freshest products, typically sold within 24 hours of harvest, so that you get peak flavor and nutritional value.


Microgreens are baby vegetables harvested before they set their first true leaves. By harvesting them at this stage we capture 40x more nutrients in the plants than when they are fully grown. They differ from sprouts because microgreens are grown in soil giving them more nutrients and better flavor without the risk of bacteria.


Salad Greens

We grow a rotating blend of salad greens year round. We plant using sustainable methods that take into consideration Florida's seasons and temperature therefore there is no guarantee as to which variety will be available at any given time.


Edible Flowers

We grow nasturtiums, arugula, scarlet runner bean, and assorted varities of edible flowers. Edible flowers are a great way to dress up a salad, frozen in icecream, or served floating in drinks. We carry fresh and dried.



We grow several varities of oyster mushrooms as well as almond mushrooms. Harvest is unpredictable so quantities will vary. We carry fresh and dried.



Our hens are fed antibiotic free feed, snack on the leftover microgreens, and forage in the yard for bugs giving them a healthy and well balanced diet. Our eggs are fresh and never washed. The USDA requires us to notify you that becuase of this, these eggs are unfit for human consumption.

We also carry a large selection of Baker Creek Heirloom seeds,
all of which are selected for our climate and seasons


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Committed to promoting health and sustainability for our collective future.