Ready, Fire, Aim

After all of the chaos these past few weeks we are finally ready… Mostly… I think… The storage unit is filled to the brim, the house is sold, the bags are packed. Shane and I have both been thinking pretty much non stop these past few weeks. Should we take out that extra pair of jeans? Should we suspend the phones or cancel our plans (we have changed our minds at least 4 times)? People have been mentioning Uruguay a lot – maybe we should work that in too… Never ending decisions – too many of them. At this point I’m just tired. We have done research for 6+ months, prepped until we cant prep anymore (literally we are out of time), and fretted over just about every detail possible. As we were debating the latest what if this afternoon, I was suddenly reminded that sometimes you just have to pull the trigger, take a look, re aim, and fire again. This isn’t a one shot scenario. Its life and we are lucky enough to have another chance, there will be time to reassess and realign. So I am sipping a glass of wine while writing this post and then we are going to have dinner with mom before heading out to our favorite bar to have a drink with family and friends before we leave. By tomorrow afternoon we will be settling into our apartment in Cartagena, Colombia to start the next chapter in our lives. Its time to pull the trigger and I couldn’t be more excited.