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Here at The Urban Harvest our goal is to teach people the basics of home vegetable gardening in Florida. One of the biggest learning curves is planting with the seasons. That’s why we created this monthly seed club, you will receive 3 different in season vegetable, herb or flower seeds to grow along with us each month. Whether you have a home or an apartment, a container or a raised bed – you can grow your own food! You don’t have to worry about what is in season, all of the seed is selected for our climate, season, and growing conditions. We’ll also keep it fun with produce that is different than what you will find at the grocery store.

Take the guesswork out of growing in Florida and get growing! Join the club now, there are subscription options for everyone and you can cancel at any time!

All of our seed is organic, heirloom, and non-GMO verified. It is selected for our climate and growing conditions here in Florida. Being selective with our seed quality and the varieties means you will have easy to care for, unique, and flavorful plants to enjoy each month.

The Urban Harvest online learning and seed club

Any container will do, work with what you have! If your just starting out & need to purchase a growing system, I recommend¬†the GreenStalk Vertical Garden for the small garden members. Its a great way to grow a lot of food in a very small space. Use code “urbanharvest” for $10 off your purchase of any amount.

If you are working with larger gardens we aim to help you fill 4 3×6 beds. Anything from mounded rows of soil to waist height cedar beds will grow you food. These galvanized beds are what I am currently growing in. They offer an affordable and easy to maintain bed that will get you growing without carpentry skills.

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