Monthly Veggie & Herb Seed Delivered to your door

Here at The Urban Harvest our goal is to teach people the basics of home vegetable gardening in Florida. One of the biggest learning curves is planting with the seasons. That's why we created this monthly seed club, you will receive 3 different in season herb or vegetable seeds to grow along with us each month. Whether you have a home or an apartment, a container or a raised bed - you can grow your own food! You don't have to worry about what is in season, all of the seed is selected for our climate, season, and growing conditions. We'll also keep it fun with produce that is different than what you will find at the grocery store. Take the guesswork out of growing in Florida and have some fun! Join the club now, there are subscription options for everyone and you can cancel at anytime!

Whats In The Kit

Whats In The Kit

Each month you will receive a customized kit based on your growing conditions and experience level indicated at sign up. Your kit will include 3 different vegetable or herb seeds to grow at home along with our seed success cards which help you get started with easy to understand planting instructions and simple plant care information.

Quality Matters

All of our seed is organic, heirloom, and non-GMO verified. It is selected for our climate and growing conditions here in Florida. Being selective with our seed quality and the varieties means you will have easy to care for, unique, and flavorful plants to enjoy each month.


Its simple to join the club!


Click on Join The Club below then select the plan that works for you.

Check Your Mail

Receive 3 different varieties of seed  each month to plant at your home.


Grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs using our recipe cards.


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