Our Farm

Our Environment 

The Urban Harvest farm has adopted a set of principles that address the vital issues of ‘food miles’ and the renewal of local economies and communities. We firmly believe that there needs to be a shift from our current industrial food system to a more sustainable approach in agriculture. One were the food is grown where the people live. We use intensive growing methods which maximize space. We consider our farm and our vegetables to be an integral part of life and community, rather than merely a commodity for profit. In our opinion everyone involved in food production and processing should be able to attain a quality of life which meets their basic needs and allows an adequate return and satisfaction from their work. We think this should be done without subsidies, so that our food system can once again represent the real cost of food, not prices determined by the government or big corporations.

Our Approach 

The Urban Harvest creates a closed loop cycle of use and reuse with little to no input from outside sources. It starts by collecting other people's "waste" and composting it into rich healthy soil. We then give this soil to our worms, the hardest workers on our farm, who digest it even further and incorporate beneficial microbes to create the black gold super nutrient rich soil called worm castings. This is what we use to grow our microgreens and vegetables. Its so nutrient rich we don't need fertilizer or pesticides because our plants are happy and healthy. Once our produce is harvested, any unused portions go to our laying hens. These nutrient rich greens keep our hens super healthy so they can lay beautiful eggs with bright yellow yolks and firm whites. Then the used soil gets incorporated into the compost to be used again.

Our Produce

The Urban Harvest does not follow standard organic certifications because we believe that if our customers know us and our farm, they dont need a piece of paper to proove anything. Instead we aim even higher than organic standards, we produce food according to the principles of using wholesome, sustainable growing methods, which are mindful of the importance of localizing food production. This means our vegetables are grown and processed using sustainable, non-polluting methods as close as possible to those found in nature with no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. The seeds are organic certified and not genetically modified. Our hens are raised using the highest standards of animal welfare and their feed is free of antibiotics and GMO's. The production, processing and distribution of food is socially just and ecologically responsible, using compostable packaging and recyclable materials. All our produce is traded and consumed within a short distance of where it was grown - typically within Pinellas County, Florida.


Please contact us at anytime so we can answer any questions you might have.

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Committed to promoting health and sustainability for our collective future.